Mujahadah Kubro PWNU East Java Held in Tegalsari Ponorogo, Followed by 15 Thousand Cadres

PWNU Jawa Timur
Mujahadah Kubro PWNU Jawa Timur

SURABAYA, WacanaNews.co.id — The Kubro Mujahadah was held by the East Java Nahdlatul Ulama (PWNU) Regional Board in Tegalsari Village, Jetis District, Ponorogo Regency, Sunday night, June 19 2022, starting at 21.00 WIB.

The holding of prayers with NU residents was centered in the Ki Ageng Muhammad Besari Tomb Area, Tegalsari, Ponorogo. Followed by tens of thousands of Nahdliyin residents from all regions in East Java, the prayer will be led by 11 elderly Islamic boarding school clerics.

Some of the kiai who are scheduled to attend include Rais Aam PBNU KH Miftahul Akhyar, Rais Syuriah PWNU East Java KH Anwar Mansur, Chairman of the East Java PWNU KH Marzuki Mustamar, KH Agoes Ali Masyhuri (Gus Ali), Chair of the East Java MUI KH Mutawakkil Alallah, and KH Abdul Matin Jawahir , KH Hadi Muhammad Mahfudz, KH Atho’illah Anwar Lirboyo, and many other East Java clerics/kiai.

This activity is part of a series of NU Centennial Commemorations, culminating in 27 Rajab 1444 H, to be exact in February 2023.

The Chairperson of the 1 Century NU Harlah Committee, KH Abdussalam Shohib, explained that this Mujahadah Kubro was the opening series of the 1 Century NU series of events held by the East Java PWNU.

“Later on, the East Java PWNU will hold many activities that also involve many masses. So we need to pray so that the next events up to the peak event will be launched by Allah. So that we open with mujahadah NU cadres,” said Gus Salam, the nickname of the Deputy Chairperson of PWNU East Java, in a statement on Sunday morning 19 June 2022.

Gus Salam, who is in charge of the Mambaul Ma’arif Denanyar Islamic Boarding School, emphasized that this activity was aimed as an inner effort for Nahdliyin so that the country and the world could rise again after two years of the pandemic.

“Of course, after the pandemic is over, the condition of the nation, whether economically or otherwise, is still a lot of challenges. So in addition to inner efforts, inner efforts are no less important. At this moment we also pray for the country and the world to be able to rise again after two years of the pandemic,” he said.

Gus Salam further explained that the Mujahadah Kubro procession was purely a ritual without any speech at all.

“Kubro mujahadah will be filled with Hizb Nawawi, Hizb Autad, Hizb Nasr certificates, then continued with kubro mujahadah and istighotsah. So we try to remain taqarrub to Allah Ta’ala,” said the grandson of Rais Aam PBNU (1971-1980) KH Bisri Syansuri Denar.

According to Gus Salam, the location for Mujahadah Kubro was chosen because of the strong historical link between NU and Ki Ageng Muhammad Besari.

“As from the nasab point of view, which is still connected with KH Hasyim Asy’ari. The second is related to the scientific chain, Tegalsari is the first Islamic boarding school in East Java. Ki Ageng Muhammad Besari is also known for his struggle against the Dutch. So, we take the nuances of our struggle in the current context ,” he said.

Therefore, the theme carried in Mujahadah Kubro is “NU Builds Jamiyyah Sanads, Connects Scientific and Struggle Sanads”.

Gus Salam explained that the enthusiasm of NU residents and the cadres of movement should be appreciated. The response from PCNU throughout East Java in participating in this event was extraordinary. This is evident from the registration which has reached 15,000 participants.

“Our target is 9999 NU cadres. But so far, almost 15,000 have registered, not including NU residents from Ponorogo as hosts who will certainly participate in the event. Indeed, we encourage anyone who feels like an NU cadre, regardless of their background, please attended the mujahadah event,” said Gus Salam.

Mujahadah Agenda and Prayer Certificates

The schedule for the Mujahada Kubro 9999 Cadre of East Java NU Cadre will start at 22.00 with the opening. The Iftitah Prayer from Al-Fatihah was continued, led by KH Adhim Kholili Bangkalan. The participants did not forget to sing the National Anthem of Indonesia Raya, Mars Subhanul Wathon and the Reading of the Holy Quran.

Meanwhile, Istighotsah was led by KH Fahmi Amrulloh Hadzik from Tebuireng, followed by a kubro diploma by Rais Syuriah PWNU East Java, KH Anwar Manshur.

Kubro Mujahadah will be led by KH Abdul Matin Bejagung Tuban. Then closed the prayer by the elder kiai.

Ponorogo Local Committee Explanation

Head of PCNU Ponorogo KH. Fatchul Aziz said that his party fully supports the implementation of Mujahadah Kubro. This event is also coupled with the activities of the Bahtsul Masail Institute (LBM) of the East Java PWNU every 6 months.

At the same time, the East Java PWNU also instructed PCNU Ponorogo to hold a Kubro Mujahadah for NU cadres.

“Ponorogo in this activity is only a local committee,” said Fatchul Aziz.

Through this activity, according to Fatchul Aziz, PCNU Ponorogo hopes to get blessings, especially in terms of developing Aswaja Islamic da’wah.

“We hope that Bahtsul Masail and Mujahadah Kubro participants can optimize this activity as a means of friendship for cadres, as well as charge fighting energy for Mbah Ageng Besari (KH. Mohammad Besari) and Mbah Hasan (KH. Moh. Hasan Besari),” he said.

In addition to the community and ulama, NU cadres from various districts/cities in East Java will also pray together in Tegalsari.

“We estimate that there will be more than fifteen thousand cadres,” said Luthfi Hadi Aminuddin, Secretary of PCNU Ponorogo.

The estimated number of people who will attend is not without calculation. Based on the updated report that went to the secretariat as of Saturday 18 June 2022 alone, it has reached 15 thousand Nahdliyin. A total of 45 PCNUs throughout East Java sent their envoys in a number of religions and using various vehicles, both private cars and buses.

Luthfi further explained that there will be 2 series of events to be held, first, Bahtsul Masail for 2 days, which will be attended by administrators of LBM PCNU throughout East Java and delegates from Islamic boarding schools.

“The preparation for this mujahadah is more extra because the participants can be more than fifteen thousand,” he explained.

Luthfi Hadi Aminudin also added that this grand event must be able to provide blessings for all. Especially for local residents who are expected to be affected.

“We have coordinated with seven Mbah Lurah around the location. Starting from the provision of motorcycle taxis, parking and other economic activities.

“To make the event a success, PCNU Ponorogo mobilizes all institutions and banoms under the auspices of the NU Ponorogo family.

“We are also coordinating with the local government, Polres, Kodim and Transportation Service, as well as Ansor and Banser to guide the arrival of guests to the location of mujahadah,” said PCNU Ponorogo Secretary Luthfi Hadi Aminuddin. (oby/w2)

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